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Want To Hear Jennifer Live And Get A Free Healing?

Wondrous events happen when we believe they will. For over five years I prayed and asked to be a presenter on You Wealth Revolution with Darius Barazandeh the founder and creator the global healing Telesummit. A miraculous shift occurred and I was invited within two hours of my realization!

What did it take?

I had to shift the way I felt about being a guest presenter on the Telesummit. As soon as I began to be grateful for Darius and the work he was doing to shift people's lives, creating healing for thousands of people around the world BOOM! I was invited to be a guest within two hours of the change in my perspective.

Why We Don't Want To Be In Self-Pity

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As a manifestor, I know that we have to be grateful before we receive our good. If we are living in self-pity nothing good ever happens. We have to recognize that we are creating in every moment. We can't afford to feel sorry for ourselves, not for one second! 

Darius and Jan Carpenter invited me to be on this amazing Global Healing Telesummit on March 14th at 1:00 PM PST/ 4:00 PM EST. 

Darius will spend 90 minutes interviewing me and yes, I will share some stories about mystical experiences and the magical work that is happening for my clients. 

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Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Back in 2009, I was on a dating site I hadn't dated in a while and thought, I needed to get back out there and find someone. I did talk to several people and finally decided to meet a guy. Perhaps my story will spark something within you that you can relate to. I've changed his name to Jason to protect his identity.

Jason's profile picture was two photos. One photo was taken too far away so you couldn't see his face with his arm around his cattle dog with a mountain bike, sunglasses, hat and a helmet. The other was of him with a group of people wearing sunglasses and a hat. In both photos, he was hiding something but I ignored the red flags. I went for it anyway. I wanted a relationship. 

Our first date was pleasant. I did most of the talking. Little did I know that what began would also end our relationship. He didn't talk to me. I thought he was shy.

He lived in an RV. Though this was a huge red flag, I ignored this one also. I explained the reasons away that he might not want a house and commitment. My friend Diana remarked, "What's the deal with you and guys with RVs? My Twin Flame John Armbruster also lived in an RV. Red flag number two.

He loved his dog. His dog was his baby. His dog could do no wrong. His dog almost ate one of my cats and he had to climb a tree to get him down. He was oblivious to any wrongdoing on his dog's part and did not take responsibility for any of it. Red flag number three. My cat began peeing in the house when he moved in with me.

I rarely drank. We went out often with his friends where he always drank, it didn't seem like too much at first. I was mesmerized by how much they loved him. Even their children loved him. It seemed I would have a newfound family. He spent much of his time riding motorcycles, mountain and street cycling with his buddies on the weekends. I didn't think this was a bad thing till much later. Red flag number four.

I had a busy life with my landscaping business and my daughter. From day one, she thought he looked like a monster and didn't like him. She kept asking me was he gay? Red flag number five.

I ignored my daughter, what did she know as she was only about thirteen at the time?

He had redeeming qualities that I focused on rather than the negative. He helped chop wood. He put in a wood stove to save on my heating bills. My next door neighbor (an alcoholic) loved him and told me I needed to keep this guy. I wondered why he loved him so much. It wasn't until much later when I recognized he was an alcoholic that birds of a feather attract each other. My father was a drinker. I didn't recognize that I was looking for my father in him.

When an issue came up about my work, he said he was okay with what I did (he lied). He was raised a Baptist. I knew that people with strong religious leanings didn't work well with my energy work and hypnotherapy. I ignored that too. My mother mentioned she thought that he didn't like my profession - the healing part. Red flag number six.

I enjoyed having someone to do things with. I enjoyed his friends and their families. I put aside my feelings and misgivings because I wanted a relationship. I gave away my power to have someone in my life. He didn't want to talk about problems as they came up, it was always the wrong time. Red flag number seven.

Six months in he asked me to marry him. I felt it was too soon. I felt he was pressuring me. I felt he was hiding something but I wasn't sure what it was. My neighbor said I should keep him. I listened to other people, rather than to my inner guidance and my daughter. Red flag number eight (not listening to my inner voice gave away my power. I didn't tell him about my fears of him hiding something. I didn't tell him I felt there was something he wasn't telling me.)

My sons met him and liked him. We had family dinners together. It felt nice. As we prepared for our wedding he asked, "You don't want a ring, do you?" Red flag number eight. If a guy doesn't give you an engagement ring he doesn't value you. I hawked my jewelry to buy our wedding rings. Red flag number nine. We shouldn't be getting married if there is no money for wedding rings. I wasn't important enough for him to spend money on me. He spent it on his bikes, trips, and travel, but not on me. 

As our wedding date neared I noticed beer bottles hidden in the barn. He was drinking more frequently. If we ran out of beer one day he would bring home a case the next. There was never a time there wasn't beer in the house. Before I met Jason, I could go an entire year and not drink a single beer or glass of wine. 

My daughter continued to ask, "Isn't he gay?" I couldn't understand her query as we were having sex when we were together. I didn't put two and two together when I recognized his preference for oral with his eyes always closed but never on me. Sex was always from behind, no matter what I wanted.

Tension was building and we began to argue. I thought it was because of the pressure of the wedding preparations. He didn't like anything I liked. I should have called off the wedding, but I didn't. We were less than two weeks away, my mother had bought her plane ticket. My kids were excited for me. I liked being partnered. 

All relationships have issues. It two people can't talk about the problems as they come up there is no resolution. 

When the time came for us to take our ski vacation he let me know there wasn't enough money for me to go. We didn't have sex before he left and he was distant and shut down when he returned. Sex stopped happening which he said was because my daughter had moved in with us full time. Previously, she had been with us every other week. 

At six 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Your Past Doesn't Define You

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Here I am with my eldest, Adam Gates, up close and personal in my car before I headed off to California. No neither of us are driving. We are parked and safe. I hope you enjoy this video.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cosmic Knocks and Other Mercury Retrograde Events

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
Mercury Retrogrades can bring delays, accidents, death, communication issues, old friends or lovers may surface from the past. This particular Mercury Retrograde sandwiched between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse in the United States has been one many may want to forget. For my family, it is one we will always remember.

Many have felt extreme fatigue, malaise even apathy about life and moving forward. This summer has been a time to turn inward, stay close to home and do little to attempt to expand out into the world. Thankfully, the current Mercury Retrograde ends in Leo on September 5th, 2017.
Returning to a place we have visited before is usually a safe bet, though if you fly during a Mercury Retrograde or travel by car there may be accidents, delays, traffic and flight delays. This past week I experienced all of the aforementioned. You could say I hit the trifecta of Mercury Retrogrades beginning six days after the Retrograde began with the death of my aunt Natalie, my mother’s 97-year-old sister who had been failing for the past two years or more. Mercury Retrogrades have taken out many people when they were teetering on the brink of death. 
I have heard several people lost pets, cats, guinea pigs and dogs during this retrograde period. My heart goes out to all of you who have had losses of loved ones both four-legged and two. I am so sorry for your loss. I send each of you love and healing energy.
The following events happened within a forty-eight hour period beginning Tuesday, August 29th on a return trip to Colorado to spend time with my daughter.
Leaving home at 5:30 in the morning, as I approached the Interstate I could see red tail lights for miles, which was not a good sign when headed to LAX one of the worst airports to travel to due to the heavy rush hour traffic. It is not unheard of to drive three or four hours in traffic and still miss your flight. I pulled over and quickly turned on WAYZ a GPS APP that seems to be better at real time traffic than any other I have tried. I listened to the directions getting off the highway and onto side roads that helped extricate me from the tangled traffic and motorcycle accident mess. I  managed to park my car in the off-site lot, remembering to take a photo of the nearest sign post so I would remember where to return after my trip ended.
I was grateful to be at the airport in plenty of time to make my flight. We landed slightly ahead of schedule in Denver after experiencing some scary turbulence which was a relief. The luggage took a long time coming off the conveyor belt. As soon as I saw my small suitcase I grabbed it and hightailed it to the curb to pick up my shuttle. It took me a minute to find where to find the van. I had prepaid. I asked an airport employee where I could find the shuttle then quickly crossed two lanes of traffic to get there. I sat down on the bench and asked the woman already seated if she knew whether the Super Shuttle stopped in front of us. She remarked that I had just missed it, only one minute earlier. “Oh shit,” I thought now what do I do? It was 1:03 PM. I intentionally didn’t rent a car. Denver is a city where buses and trains can easily get you almost anywhere you want to go.
I had luncheon plans with a client in Denver within the hour. The next shuttle wouldn’t arrive for another hour at 2:00. I had to quickly make other arrangements. Texting my client she responded with the departure time of the train. I had ten minutes to dash diagonally through the entire busy Denver airport to get outside down the escalator to the platform, buy a ticket and board. I knew I could do it but certainly didn’t have time to lollygag along the way.
I had a tightly booked schedule. A luncheon, a date, then meet my daughter at 9:00 PM after her shift at her restaurant then back to her apartment. Wednesday was the only full day I had in the Denver area we had plans to meet with my middle son David and his fiance´for dinner. I also wanted to take a run up to North Boulder to see my oldest son and his girlfriend while they were in the middle of moving out of their apartment.
I met my client in front of Union Station in Denver. The train ride had been one of community and conversation with my fellow passengers. I easily make conversation with strangers asking questions and discovering interesting things about people I meet wherever I go. One of my fellow passengers was from Iowa and worked for the railway, married and happy. Another was a man who had strong ideas about why the Danes were so happy. All their health insurance needs and college expenses were covered by the government. He wanted to move to Denmark. He was an amputee and a dialysis patient. He rode a bicycle and was proud to have a viable life, wife, and work. I told him I would pray for him. He needed a kidney transplant. Wherever I go, interesting conversations happen and I engage with those around me, it is part of what brings me joy. A word, a smile a prayer can make all the difference in someone’s day.
I waited in front of Union Station in downtown Denver only minutes before Jennifer arrived. We walked past her car, dropped off my suitcase and enjoyed our time together over lunch. My date met us afterward and transferred my suitcase into his waiting car. Within two hours of arriving in Denver, I was off to Boulder with a handsome man. We had a lovely time together walking around Boulder stopping here and there for a meal, a shop and a coffee. By 9:00 I was hugging my daughter. What a wonderful day!
Wednesday we shopped for a gift for my son David’s fiance´ Danielle’s birthday and joined them for a delicious Indian meal at the Yak and Yeti restaurant. After dinner, Ariel asked me what I do and we chose to drop by Adam while he was packing up his apartment in preparation for his 10:00 PM when WHAMMO! We were hit from behind.

Cosmic Knocks

Ariel had just asked me did I feel she would be able to buy a house this year. I replied, "No only is it possible, it is probable!" WHAMMO! Our car was flung forward into the intersection as we were the first car at the light. The woman who hit us was apparently head down into her texting and had no idea that the light had turned red. She hit us while we were stationary at 30 miles per hour, said the police.
Ariel as our ambulance arrived at the hospital

We were thrown forward then back into the headrest, fortunately, both of us had seat belts firmly fastened. In unison, we exclaimed, "What the fuck?" Ariel was out of her seatbelt and walking back toward the totaled Chrysler behind us, yelling "What the fuck is wrong with you?" then burst into tears. We were both in shock. Our airbags did not deploy, but the woman's car behind us was filled with a cloud of dust from hers. She was clearly bewildered wondering what the heck happened?

We were very lucky. I was grateful we only had whiplash and concussions, though a head trauma has long-reaching implications. My chest hurt from the seatbelt, we had instantaneous headaches, then nausea and felt the strain of being thrown violently forward in our necks. We were able to walk, talk and moreover we were alive!

We both experienced neck and head pain, then nausea and felt the strain of being thrown violently forward in our seats. We were able to walk, talk and moreover we were alive! 
We were very lucky. I was grateful we only had whiplash and concussions, though a head trauma has long-reaching implications. My chest hurt from the seatbelt, we had instantaneous headaches.
Mercury Retrograde was in full force. Delays, traffic, an accident on the way to the airport, my aunt Natalie transitioning, our accident, missing the shuttle, all of it even returning to Colorado where I once lived with my daughter and son were Mercury Retrograde events.
Ariel’s first accident was like mine, with her mother. I was three-and-a half, Ariel was twenty-one history was repeating itself as it often does during a Mercury Retrograde. Was this karmic? Perhaps. Karmic events repeat until they are cleared.
We rode to the hospital together in the ambulance a first for us both. The paramedics were busy taking our vitals and found our heart-rates were exactly the same 84 they mentioned that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. We joked with them about how hot we both looked all dressed up for our dinner; they were kind and attentive. Ariel’s boyfriend was nervously following our ambulance arriving at the hospital as we did. He showed us both his love, devotion, and compassion spending time with each of us till we were taken away for tests. Both Ariel and I were put in neck braces for whiplash and thoroughly examined with x-rays and CT scans. Ariel remarked that she felt bad about the accident. It wasn’t her fault. We were still spending quality time together, just different than what we both imagined.

On our final day together, Ariel cooked a delicious roasted dinner and my favorite, peach pie. I have to say, as good a baker as my mother is, Ariel’s pie was the best I have ever tasted! The

crust was crispy and melted in my mouth. The peaches were perfect. Her culinary educated had served her well. She is well on her way to being a great baker and having her own bakery in Colorado, I see it clearly.

I burst into tears as the ground attendant checked me in for my flight. I was so emotional I couldn’t speak when she asked me my name. Shock and head trauma can make us emotional, I certainly was that. My return flight was delayed, which appeared as a final Cosmic Joke from the Universe highlighting my beliefs to me. Next Mercury Retrograde, maybe I will shift my belief and opt out of the effects of Mercury Retrograde as my editor has done. 
Our beliefs are what govern our lives. Perhaps it is my belief in Mercury Retrograde that causes my outer world to react and prove to me what it is in my unconscious mind. I think I’ll clear that energy so I don’t repeat it again. We landed in Los Angeles safely at 8:30 PM Thursday evening. It had been less than forty-eight hours, yet it felt like an entire week. I said another prayer of gratitude for our safety and well-being.
It is my prayer that you are safe and well. I am very grateful that we were supported and protected. I am grateful to Josh, Ariel’s boyfriend for his concern and love for my daughter. I am so grateful for my family and clients. Ariel and I continue to recover slowly. Brain trauma can affect so many functions even causing depression and anxiety. The shock from an accident can have lasting implications. Energy clearings help alleviate all these symptoms while we both take things slowly.
If you would like to set up your session to clear karmic events or issues do so quickly before my current special ends, September 5th. Send me a message and I will honor this special till September 12th due to life events.

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Find Your Love, Joy and Happiness Here: We've Moved

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

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Cosmic Knocks And Other Mercury Retrograde Events

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Self-Acceptance and Non-Judgement Are Key to Happiness

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

James Franco-loving himself

Self-acceptance is about loving ourselves as we are with all our warts, faults and foibles. Everyone has weaknesses and strengths. 

Non-judgment is resting in our heart without making a determination of how we think things are. Judgment is often cruel, heartless and often prejudiced. 

We can look at others and make judgments based on how they look. For example, last night I attended a gathering where there were individuals in their early twenties and some in their mid to late sixties. When one young man took his shift off to enter the pool an older gentleman judged him on the tattoo art he displayed on his back. The young man was viewed as dark and dastardly because in a moment he chose a particular shape to be tattooed. Making a judgment about someone's character without knowing what is in their heart is unjust and prejudiced. 

Insecure people strive to be perfect, while those who accept themselves do so as they are, without attempting to be perfect. Perfectionism leads to anxiety, stress and even depression because it is impossible to reach the goal of perfection. Perfectionism can cause us to remain stuck and stagnant rather than improve in the areas where we lack expertise. 

Men and women come to me for a variety of reasons. Most people want to be happier or have the relationship that continues to elude them. The key to being happier with ourselves and those around us is to accept ourselves, others and life as it is. 

I remember when I was unhappy with myself my relationships and my life. I was like a salmon trying to swim upstream. My life was a struggle. Relationships were wrought with challenges. Even my relationships with my children were difficult because I wanted to change everyone. We might think we are helping others by telling them what or how to do things. The truth is we don't accept ourselves when we have the need to direct, change or fix others.

When we complain, bitch or moan about our kids, friends, partners and life, we don't accept things as they are. We can't possibly be happy when we complain because we are focusing on the negative or what we don't have. 

If we find ourselves single make the most of being single. Do the things that you have always wanted to do but were unable to do before your last relationship. Often we change ourselves and our likes and dislikes to meet the needs of our partner. When we change or give up things we love to do, we can become resentful or on the extreme end feel dead inside. 

What We Give Up For Others

When we don't stand in our power, we tend to give away too much. We might give custody of our children to our ex, a pet away because our new boyfriend is allergic, or stop doing yoga, meditation or running because it interferes with what our partner wants. Giving away the farm as I like to call it is never a good thing. We wake up one day and wonder where we went because we feel we have lost ourselves and our way. 

When we constantly worry about what others think of us, we disempower ourselves and focus on others rather than feeling good inside. When we change our personality and behavior to fit the needs of others, we weaken our power and become the chameleon. Chameleons change their color depending on their environment, out of fear. 

What Insecure People Are Afraid Of

  • being alone, 
  • not having a partner, 
  • no one will ever love me
  • no one will find me attractive
  • time is running out I better keep the person I have

When we accept ourselves the way we are we become comfortable being authentic. We no longer have to pretend to be something or someone to feel good when we are authentic. We don't have to change with the wind or the situation because we know who we are and love ourselves as we are. There is nothing more powerful than being able to walk into a room full of people and be you. When we love ourselves, we aren't afraid that others won't like us. We aren't concerned what others think of us either when we accept ourselves as we are. 

When we love ourselves, we are content being alone because we like who we are. Self-love includes loving acceptance of all that we include the shadowy parts of ourselves. When we are filled with self-loathing and insecurities, we fear to be alone because we don't have a clue who we are. We fear what we don't know. I recommend falling in love with you, it could be your greatest love affair of all time!

Find out how your life can become happier with self-acceptance and non-judgment by working with Jennifer. Jennifer is masterful at getting to the root of your issues and uncovering your strength and beauty within. When you begin to recognize the truth of your being your talents, gifts, and strengths are revealed, you feel more confident and accepting of yourself. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

How To Calm The Craziness and Find Peace Within Minutes

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I used to think that I was more spiritual when I was out of my body. I tried to meet God outside of myself. I found myself feeling very scattered and ungrounded. No wonder, inner peace is found within our bodies and our connection to our God-nature and all that is is actually inside us, not outside. 

For those who think they can't meditate, I hear you, and I certainly feel the challenges. I wasn't able to meditate either until I began using mantras. Mantras give the active mind something to do, a focus, in fact, that calms and gives us peace. 

After driving 1000 miles in the past two days, I found myself with four active dogs who wanted my attention. Nothing calms the savage beasts faster than sitting in a chair chanting a mantra using the name of God silently in our head. I sat down in a chair this morning and chanted one of the many names of God. Within seconds all four dogs were quietly laying in the room with me feeling what I felt, inner peace and quietude. 

There are many names of God. Wayne Dyer told me he used the name Ra. Wayne Dyer chanted this name Ra when he meditated. I have used this name for God, but it didn't have the same impact that the one I'll share with you today. 

Depending on where you look, there are 900 names for God in the Bible. YHWH, Jehovah, Om, Alpha and Omega, Elohim, Prince of Peace.... there are many ways to say the name of God. The one I recommend for your daily practice to increase light, peace and a sense of calm is Om Namo Narayan aya


For those seeking enlightenment, the mantra Om Namo Narayana is the most powerful Vedic Sanskrit mantra revealed to the Vedic seekers during their penances. 

The Meaning

OM - is a sacred word or syllable that encompasses all or everything in the universe. 

Namo means to bow or to "bow to." 

Narayana is a little more complex to decipher as it has several root meanings. The one I like to use is naara the Sanskrit word for water. Vishnu's resting place is in water. Water is the root of all abundance. We become more abundant using this mantra and replenishing ourselves with water in the bath, oceans and drinking water. 

Anaya means resting place or shelter. Narayana means resting place for all entities. A sweet thought for us all. 

Another interpretation for "naara" is human. Anaya means direction or goal. Using this interpretation means "that which takes all humans to their resting place" (self-realization). 

Some have found self-realization by repeating this mantra daily and even through the night in four months. When I do the mantra as I fall asleep, I am also repeating the mantra in my sleep, which is a powerful thing to do. The mantra begins to be automatic. When you are driving in your car, cooking showering, putting on your make-up, shaving or doing mundane tasks you can use this mantra. I call this state of mind neutral, where you can access the subconscious mind easily and effortlessly.

How To Use The Mantra

I like to float the mantra through my brain softly. The mantra slows down the errant thoughts and calms the nervous system. If we use the mantra in a manic state, or rapidly repeating it, you will find yourself staying in your present state of mania. Slow down the mind by slowly saying the mantra. I have recorded it for you so you can repeat it with me. The link is beneath the instructions. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Sit upright to meditate. Sitting upright allows Source energy to flow through your central column (spinal chord) easily filling you with light.
  2. Breathe in through your nose slowly filling your lungs completely.
  3. Once your lungs are filled to capacity exhale very slowly emptying your lungs completely. Breathing slowly and consciously brings you into the present and calms the mind preparing you for your mantra meditation.
  4. Use a mudra (hand and finger position) that works for you. The easiest mudra is joining your thumb and index fingers together at the tips which create an OM or circle. There are many mudras you can use, keep it simple to begin this practice, so you are not worried or focused on what your hands are doing. 
  5. Relax your body. Drop your shoulders and exhale to further relax your body. Make sure your shoulders are not up around your ears. 
  6. Repeat the mantra slowly in the background of your mind. A mantra repeated silently is much more powerful for transformation than a mantra repeated out loud. 

Guided Meditation With Om Namo Narayana Mantra Audio

What You Will Feel

Everyone is different. What one person might feel, you may not. Whatever you feel is okay for you. The most important thing is that you are consistent with your daily practice. When I meditated three times a day and did mantras as often as I could, I had my awakening. You might like to do The Divine Presence Process Meditation that I used, the video is below. 

If you have addictions or take prescription medication, you might find it takes longer to get into the space of calm, relaxation. Have no expectation and be open to the new experience and just watch what happens for you. I would love to hear how this mantra and meditation works for you. You can e-mail me to work privately on your personal expansion and self-realization. Visit Jennifer's website

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Without Our Mothers Where Would We Be?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Whether you are male or female each of us has our mother to thank for bringing us into this world. Our father contributed to conception, but it was through our mother's birth canal we struggled for air some of us kicking and screaming. Without our mother's life force, we would not be here to celebrate her today. 

No matter the trauma you have experienced, our mother gave us life. She didn't abort, terminate or expel us. We have a great deal to be grateful for because of our mother.

Even if you were given up for adoption, you are alive today because she gave you life. Thank you, mother.

Our mothers fed, cared for us, changed our diapers, nursed and bottle fed us. 

As we began to walk, she shared the excitement of our new discoveries. 

Mothers are the ones that teach us table manners, etiquette, social skills and how to speak. Mothers are the ones that encourage their children to get up and run, to write, to sing, to play the piano even when they weren't able to do so. 

Our mothers took us to ballet, tap, karate, baseball, soccer, singing, piano lessons, for haircuts, dentist appointments and watched us in our dance recitals, and church plays even when we were terrible and forgot our lines. 

We must heal this very important relationship to feel whole, valued and validated. We might never have heard the praise we longed for or the exact words we expected. Our relationship with our mother above all others must be re-written with a positive perspective. She had her personal issues, shadow material and limiting beliefs that prevented her from being everything we thought we needed. The truth is our mother was exactly what our soul ordered for our greatest and highest good; no matter how it turned out. 

Sacrifice is part of a mother's burden. She gave up a lot for us. She gave up her figure, perky breasts, and her youth. She had less time to do what she loved, fewer clothes, and hairdos for herself, her profession, acting or singing career she made sacrifices. Children require time, attention money, and sometimes rob a mother's joy. Mothers can be disappointed that their life didn't turn out the way they dreamed it would. No matter what she gave up you know it was a sacrifice of her time, energy and money.

How can you view your relationship with your mother differently so that you are able to see her life from a higher perspective? What trauma did she experience in her life? What did she overcome from her past? What challenges did she have that affected her ability to love you the way you wanted to be loved? 

I work with both men and women in my sessions. One person that comes up again and again in conversations about life challenges is our mother. Mothers are the biggest contributor to our pain, suffering, and story of woes. We often look for partners who mimic our mother's personality traits. So today, let's salute our mothers for giving us something to work on and making our lives so....... interesting. Until we have children of our own we will never recognize what it means to be a mother. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most challenging and thankless of jobs without any remuneration. Mothers do the following for free: 

  • Carried us in her belly for nine months
  • endured backache, hemorrhoids, and stretch marks
  • experienced the torturous pain of labor and delivery
  • breast fed or bottle fed us every four hours or less: midnight feeding, 2:00 AM feeding, 4:30 AM feeding 
  • lost sleep for years while we cried, screamed and yelled
  • changed thousands of diapers
  • paced the floors with colicky babies in the middle of the night 
  • countless hours at hospitals, doctors and dentist offices and in waiting rooms 
  • bench warming in all kinds of weather cheering on her athletes 
  • ferrying to friends houses
  • cooking our favorite meals
  • baking cookies, cakes, gifts for teachers
  • sleepovers when no one sleeps
  • birthday parties
  • shopping for school projects
  • helped us complete school projects
  • drove us to school with our school projects
  • encouraged scholastic ability even when she didn't have it
  • countless kittens, puppies, sheep, horses, goats, rabbits and other farm animals that we bring home for care
  • kissing our cuts and bruises 
  • wiping tears
  • cleaning up vomit and other items we shall not mention by name
  • listening to our breakup stories
  • hearing about our exes
  • helping us pack, move and move again
  • listening to our complaints about our children, husbands, wives and animals
  • listening to us complain about our weight, jobs, and unhappiness
  • listening to us complain about not having enough money, love, attention
  • waiting for the phone to ring while we are busy with our pets, children and partners
  • waiting for us to visit 
  • bailing us out of jam after jam and then making us jam
Jennifer and her mother 95 in July 2017
Mothers are underappreciated, underrated, and maligned; yet make the greatest impact of any person in our lives. Strange isn't it that we cause the greatest pain to our mothers through childbirth then she is who gives us the greatest pain. Mothers are the one we want to please the most, the one most of us try to make happy. Thank your mother whether she is still on the earth or not for giving you life and allowing you to have the experience of today. 

If it weren't for our mothers we wouldn't be here. Here's to you and all mothers everywhere! Thank you, Mom! 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How To Create Heaven On Earth Right Now

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life is what we make it. We can wish ourselves towards our death hoping for something better, or choose to make the life we live fun, pleasurable and meaningful.

Our perspective is everything. Perspective is how we look at situations, life, and relationships. If we recognize we aren't victims, but co-creators on the road of life, everything shifts. We create with our thoughts, choices and what we focus on. In every situation, we have a choice. When we choose to focus on what's good, we create heaven on earth for ourselves.

We can choose to look at what's not happening OR: choose to view what is good. Remember that wherever we focus our attention grows and expands. Do you want the negative to become larger, or the positive? Of course, we want the positive to be our focus!

Enjoying the ride and adventure every single day! 

Change happens when we shift our perspective. Heaven on earth is possible and it is what I live every day. 

From the music we select, the work we do to the people we choose to spend our time with every day we choose how we want our life to be. 

Following are small changes that help you shift your perspective. Begin with the suggestions you find the easiest first. 

1. In every situation, there is a positive and negative. Focus on the positive rather than the negative. Whatever we focus on grows. If we choose to focus on what people aren't doing or how they are acting we get ourselves all bunched up, stressed and irritated. 

2. Choose to focus on yourself rather than what others are doing. Don't expect to change others. Most people try their best to get others to do what they want, which is manipulation. I remember when I used to do things for my husband expecting thanks, love, or attention from him. It didn't work the way I wanted it to. Manipulation backfires on us, causing us to feel resentful and even angry. Instead, focus on being the best person you that you can be and allow others to be who they are, it is much simpler and far less exhausting. We can only change ourselves. Others will change when they choose to. When we shift everything shifts.

3. Choose gratitude. As soon as our eyes open saying a prayer of gratitude reminds us that life is a gift. Gratitude raises our vibration if we are feeling down or negative. Gratitude opens our heart when we say a meaningful, "Thank you!"

When we focus on the fact that life is a gift, each moment becomes precious rather than a pain. We never know when we won't wake up to live another day. "Thank you for this day of life!" Gratitude is the fastest way to shift our perspective as we focus on our good.

4. Choose to breathe deeply. Our breath is usually shallow until we begin to focus on it. Breathing deeply expands our lungs, grounds us in the present and also expands our joy. We can't experience great joy if we are holding our breath waiting for something negative to happen.

5. Choose silence. Give yourself the gift of 10-minutes of silence. Sit and breathe. When we choose to begin our day with silence we can make an intention for our day to go well. Silence helps us in many different ways. Even when we don't get enough sleep, spending ten minutes (more if you can) sitting upright smiling to our hearts and expecting our day to go well creates a better day with synchronicity, Grace, beauty, and flow. In each moment of every day, we are creating with our thoughts and emotions. Silence helps us to focus inward where our power is. 

Silence allows us to turn inward. As we live life we journey with ourselves. Turning our focus inward is how we heal our past. Noticing how we feel in each given moment allows us to recognize and name what emotion we feel. When we turn towards sweets, cigarettes, alcohol or other self-medication, we stuff emotions or avoid feeling. Over time, we become numb and don't feel anything except sadness and depression. Silence allows us to feel emotions fully so that we can allow those feelings to flow through us rather than suppress them.

6. Choose how you want your day to go. Set an intention for your day. Living consciously means we are aware that we are co-creators. Nothing happens by chance. Rather than thinking life is shitty and nothing but bad happens then change your focus. Instead, turn your focus to the positive. What do you want your day to look like? Do you want your partner to smile at you and be loving? Envision what you desire. Do you want your co-workers to be supportive, encouraging and positive, then envision it. An intention is an image of what we want that creates positive change. We choose unconsciously when we don't create an intention. An intention is a positive thought with a focus of positive energy.

7. Choose to take responsibility rather than be a victim. Choose to stop blaming others. When we blame others we aren't taking responsibility for ourselves and our life. Blame is the single most damaging thing we can do for ourselves, our life and relationships. When blame is present in us, we are unconscious rather than co-creating life. Everyone has had trauma. I had oodles of it. Healing that trauma is what shifts our perspective. Attempting to heal it on your own could take as long as it took me, over thirty years. Hiring someone who has done it speeds up the process because they have been where you are and have a higher perspective of what is really going on. No one is a victim. 

8. Choose to stop complaining. Complaints create more negative events and complications in our lives. Complaining makes us unhappy.

9. Choose questions, rather than making negative statements. When we have money problems, we tend to say negative things. Each statement we make is a prayer. Our words have more power than we think. Every thought we think is a prayer. 

If your bank account is overdrawn, ask, "How can I have money flow in to cover this overdraft?" When we ask a question, the universe has no choice but to respond. When we make a statement the universe will make us right. If we say, "I have no money." The universe will give us evidence that we are correct - there is no money. A question makes the universe do what it is meant to do for us ORGANIZES OUR LIFE FOR OUR GREATER GOOD!
Statements you want to avoid saying:

I hate my life.
This is killing me.
I have no money.
Everyone is against me.
Everyone hates me.
No one likes me.
My life is shitty!
I am sick.
I am poor.
I am stupid. (or anything else negative) Self-hatred has no place in your happy world.

Like Florence Schovel Shinn said back in the thirties, in her famous book, The Game of Life and How To Play It, our word is our sword. We create our lives with what we think and speak. Do you want to speak wealth and love into your life? Or do you want to speak hate and poverty? We can cut people we love with our words or create a loving environment in which we live. Choose wisely.

Questions to ask instead:

How can I find work I love to do where people pay me for my skills?

How can I have the money I need?

How can I have more love in my life?

How can I _______________?

Jennifer and daughter Ariel about to turn 21
I have worked very hard to shift my perspective from negative, blaming and self-destructive. I am happy with me, but I wasn't always. I used to live in blame, self-pity, and illness. 

I have healed my self-loathing, self-hatred and victim mentality. It isn't that my life was easy or trauma-free, it wasn't. Now I can help you shift your perspective so that you can be happy with your relationships, business and bank accounts are what you want, rather than what you don't want. 

Contact me if you are ready for a judgment free coaching experience to get you to happy, grateful and thriving!

I recently moved from my home in the desert where most people around me were negative, addicted and self-destructive.
I held the light for the change, in my community and gave Oneness Blessings in my living room to my neighbors leaving them crying with heart's wide open! Find my books on Amazon.