Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Feel Happy No Matter What

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Years ago, I felt like a victim when I did I attracted men who victimized me and was unable to manifest. We are disempowered when we are victims. We feel our lives are out of control. I've changed this stance and have come to recognize why things happen the way they do; everything does happen for a reason.

Are you breathing deeply? Do you feel your life is out of control? Are your emotions running your life? I get it. I was there too at one time. My life was out of control, and I lived in constant fear. We block ourselves with these negative emotions.

We worry about what others think of us, and our negative emotions cripple us. We work to please others, our boyfriends, children, husbands, wives, and friends, when we do, we feel lost, broken and don't know who we are anymore. I was there too for years.

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one in our life. If we are filled with self-loathing and low self-esteem, we aren't standing in our personal power. We are meant to be happy with ourselves self-criticism is defeating and disempowering.

We worry about what other people think about us.
We turn ourselves inside out to "get" others to like and love us.
There is no stretch to being authentic, it is just who you truly are.

We have to train our unconscious mind, or it runs amok. When we allow our unconscious mind to run wildly, it is like being in a boat without a rudder. When a boat doesn't have a rudder, it runs around in circles. We have to tell our unconscious mind what to do with our conscious thoughts.

I love me.
I am lovely inside out.
I love the way I look.
My body is at the perfect weight.
I love and approve of myself.

Even if these mantras don't feel true, the unconscious mind feels it is true. The unconscious mind believes everything we tell it.

I am a millionaire
Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
Money loves me.
People love to pay me money!

The more you love you, the more you will grow to trust yourself. You are worth trusting. We have to quiet the emotions. I help people to alleviate the crazy and wild emotions that run the show. When our emotions are running amok, they also run our lives. You are not a victim. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and our personal happiness. No one else can give it to us.

My body is at the perfect weight.
My good comes to me easily.
My life is getting better and better every day.
I trust myself.
I am worthy of love.
I am deserving. 
I am enough.

Jennifer is a Soul Sculptor who helps you break the mold. Not sure you can do this on your own? You don't have to. Let's set up a time to talk. I'd love to hear about your personal situation and see if I can help. E-mail me, and we'll set up a time to chat. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

How Patterns Are Created That Repeat Throughout Our Lives

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Patterns can be created while we are still in the womb. If one parent objects to the birth of the child and makes a stand for eliminating the pregnancy the child is imprinted with abandonment and rejection issues. These abandonment and rejection programs cause us to attract people into our lives that hurt us and abandon us. We might do personal introspection recognize the pattern but continue to attract the wrong kind of relationships because the programming is still in place. 

In this six-minute video, you'll discover how these programs are imprinted on the unconscious mind. Clearing programs and patterns are part of what I offer in my coaching programs.

A child given up for adoption is also abandoned even though the mother kindly gave birth at full term and then gave the child up to provide a better life for their baby. Adopted children always have abandonment issues programmed into their unconsciousness. These patterns can be cleared and need to be if we are to live a happy life. Being aware of the pattern is the first step. 

If we don't clear these limiting beliefs and programs we continue to attract more of the same; people who will be alcoholics, addicts, or abandon and reject us. We attract what we are so that we recognize what our patterns are. 

We are here to heal, evolve and become enlightened. The way we do clear the limiting patterns and programs is by raising our awareness noticing what our patterns are and clear them, or work with someone who can do this for us.

Schedule your FREE discovery session to get acquainted with Jennifer and find out if her work is a good fit for your transformation to a happy life. 

Friday, March 30, 2018

94% Said Their Life Got Better! Mine Did Too

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Peg Rose  – Healing Core Wounds: Metamorphosis from the 3D Earth to the New Earth of Divine Partnership
Jennifer Elizabeth Masters  – Don’t Let Your Past Haunt You: Clear The Garden of Your Heart
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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Karma's New Adventure

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Karma and Jennifer on Hendrey's Beach, Santa Barbara 2012
In 2001, everything in my world was falling apart. The huge house my husband built was being foreclosed on, his building business was stagnant with the recession and it was evident our marriage
was crumbling as well.

On a Sunday morning in March we climbed into my husband's pickup truck destined for the Unity church. Our daughter Ariel protested uncharacteristically, she enjoyed church and especially the donuts
afterward. It was unusual for her to ask not to go. Her grandmother wasn't feeling well and was staying home. I had let our two dogs Lucy and Jake out with Gunner our old Golden Retriever. There was plenty of room to run on two acres and a lake behind our house, they were usually not far from home.

Due to our rush to get out the door and to church on time we couldn't wait for the dogs to return before leaving. Again, Ariel asked to stay home. We didn't. We went to church as planned.
Ariel, Gunner, David, Rich and Jennifer 2001

When we got back into the truck after church, Rich checked his phone. His mother had called several times. He began to play back the message on speaker and cut it off almost immediately. He looked at me gravely and said,"The dogs have been hit." "Which dogs?" Gunner was such a sweetie, I prayed it wasn't Gunner. Lucy had been rescued as a three-month-old puppy from Lake Blue Ridge when she swam across the lake to get to me. I had to pull her out at a dock where she became entangled with the ropes. Lucy was part of my soul. Jake was a beautiful Weimaraner that was stubborn, selfish and hard-headed.

Stone Mtn 2003 John Armbruster, Ariel, Karma
Jake had been hit in the head and died instantly. Lucy was a mess but hanging on. We rushed home in horror. I'll never forget this day. You know that things are falling apart so that they can come back together. We rushed Lucy to the emergency vet twenty minutes away. I held Lucy in the back of my Explorer and talked to her all the way. She talked back to me looking me in the eyes, letting me know how much she loved me. I did my best to be strong for her telling her how wonderful she was and how much I loved her. Lucy felt like she was a part of me. We were connected at the hip, she never left my side. Now she was in terrible pain and there wasn't anything I could do for her except keep her from rolling in the careening SUV and talk to her to keep her calm. Two minutes from the vet we lost her.

Months later, I lay on an acupuncturists table weeping over the loss of Lucy and Jake, I recognized I was more concerned about the loss of Lucy than I was the ending of my marriage.

Etowah Mountain North Carolina
While lying on the table in the quiet healing office with the scent of essential oils and moxa wafting through the air, I had a vision of a black dog. I knew this was to be a significant companion, I had no idea how much of an impact this dog would make in my life. As soon as I was able I called my vet. I knew the dog was a Border Collie and she trained them for agility. My vet spent twenty minutes trying to dissuade me from the breed. She told me if I didn't give a Border Collie a job, they would make one. They were very active and intelligent dogs. I told her I knew I was to have one. She ended the conversation by saying they never ever got Border Collie's turned in as rescues.

Nederland, CO

Two-and-a-half hours later the vet's office called to tell me someone had a Border Collie they had rescued two miles from my house and we could make arrangements to see her that very night. Well, the sex was right. I wanted a dog like Lucy was kind, loyal and sweet. I really wanted a puppy that I could train and bond with from the beginning. When we drove up the long driveway of the horse farm in rural Georgia I prayed that this would be the dog. She was older than I expected. I was told she was a puppy.
Betasso Preserve, CO

I watched her run and play with the other dogs. The people who rescued her already had three dogs. They considered keeping the Border Collie but she had a tendency to run off which caused their dogs to join her. "What is her name," I asked? "We named her Karma because of the way she was found when he was hiking that day. Someone abandoned her., chained her to a tree at the top of Etowah Mountain.

"Their loss is my gain!" As soon as I heard her name was Karma I knew she was my dog. "We'll take her. What do we owe you?" "Nothing. We're just glad she'll be loved."

That my friends were one of the most momentous events in the last eighteen years for me. She was my loyal friend and traveling companion. We visited beaches from one end of Florida, up and down the coast of California. We did countless hikes in Colorado, climbed mountains in and swam in the reservoir in Boulder.

We drove over 200,000 miles together from Atlanta to Henderson North Carolina, Tennessee, St. Augustine Florida, back and forth from Georgia to Boulder, to California countless times. Swimming in rivers, streams, lakes whenever we got the chance. Our life was an adventure.

Karma taught me that nature makes us happy. That no matter how bad we feel when we are inside the house we will feel a hundred times better once we get into the great outdoors. She taught me the importance of a good digestive system and daily elimination. Karma always felt better after taking a good dump! She was lighter and pranced around after an elimination. She loved her walks and did her best to stay fit and healthy until the end. She loved living on the horse ranch in Newhall and was probably the happiest she had ever been.

Karma was the Queen. She was in charge of the cats and the dogs. She was the Queen Bee. The cats and Yoda all respected her. She taught Yoda how to do sign language.

She was the most intelligent dog I have ever had the pleasure to experience.

She signed when she was hungry and a different sign for thirst. She talked to me in a language I came to understand. She often gave me messages through images, mind to mind. I understood what she meant when it came to the end. She wanted no surgery, pills or needles. In 2016, she began to drag her hind right leg. When my vet saw her, I thought he would recommend euthanasia. Instead, he told me about SAM-e!

It cleansed the liver, helped her hips tremendously and added two additional years to her life.

I stopped giving her rabies shots because my vet said they lasted seven years. I have a feeling that the rabies shots cause cancer, especially in Golden Retrievers. I wish we didn't have to give them at all.

Karma, Ruby, Deco and Jennifer Boulder Mt. Sanitas

For over two years I lifted her 55-pound body up and into the back seat and out of the car. She went with me to the grocery store, to the mall, whenever it wasn't too hot to ride. She loved road trips and knew when we were headed to the beach without me even telling her. She knew countless words: beach, ride, go, food, water, out, outside, cat, horse, Shannon, Chloe, Percy, McGillicuddy, Osiris, back, eat, cold, car....

When I had my landscaping company in Georgia, she often went to work with me. I was the boss. I could do whatever I wanted and she was well-behaved. She loved to ride in the truck or car when I bought my Honda.

Eighteen years later, Karma was in her 21st year. I asked her to give me a strong sign so that I would not have to live with the regret of euthanizing her too soon.

On January 1st, Karma was attacked by a 90-pound off-leash pit bull. Had it not been for Meredith Loos and her partner Nick she would have been killed. The strange thing was that only two weeks earlier she was attacked by my neighbor's dog and had to have her ear stitched back on. I saw these events as a foreshadowing and a recognition that she had a scent that other dogs could smell, I thought possibly stomach cancer.

Karma had grown very fond of eating cat food and would mosey over when my back was turned to scarf up the canned food from their bowls. I had to be watchful to ensure the cats got their fair share. Karma and Yoda got a little tasty morsel of canned cat food added to their food just to keep everyone happy.

The past two years of Karma's life, I upgraded her food to be a much better quality and added canned dog food to the dry. I wasn't penny-pinching anymore and my animals benefitted from my abundance. In May of 2017, we moved from the Mojave Desert to a canyon in Newhall California. We were 53 miles closer to the beach and Los Angeles. We all loved our new home. Instead of the desert sand, we had a lawn and roses. We had horses and goats as neighbors instead of junkies and dispensaries. Karma was very happy to have horses again. In Georgia, we enjoyed having horses it was like old times for her.

Karma has finished her work here. I am so grateful for the eighteen years we had together. She welcomed me whenever I got home, sat with me when I cried and loved me unconditionally. After all the abusive relationships I experienced she gave me hope and allowed me to love deeply again.

She was in her 21st year of life when she let me know it was time to say good-bye. There was no doubt in my mind she was ready. I slept outside with her in the 45-degree temperatures in my sleeping bag until the vet's office opened at 9:00 Saturday morning on St. Patrick's Day. I asked a pot-smoking friend to blow smoke into her face to relax her a little. Two puffs and she was almost out. She was breathing heavily, I knew she was in pain but she was in no rush to say goodbye.

I had wondered how on earth Karma would be able to make the 1,200 mile trip from Newhall to Boulder in and out of the car and then up the steps at my son David's home.
Karma knew she couldn't make the trip as much as she wanted to.

I lifted her into the back seat of my Honda for one last ride. She didn't lift her head as we turned onto the canyon road. I talked softly to her the entire way when I wasn't crying. The clinic was quiet and peaceful on that morning. Only two people were ahead of us when I carried Karma in. She weighed 51 pounds one ounce. Eating four times a day she was losing weight. My sense over a year ago was stomach cancer.

I opted out of the examination. I knew it was time. I paid the extra fee for the sedative. The vet talked to me about how fast his father died at age fifty of a heart attack, it was still fresh for him. I cried as Karma drifted off and I kissed her on her head. The vet tech told me that Karma was older than he was. She went peacefully and very quickly. I knew she was more than ready. With Karma safely back in my car I drove her home one last time to say goodbye to Shannon, Yoda, and the cats. Yoda was worried I would take him where I took Karma.

I drove Karma to a crematorium in Sun Valley where animals are cremated separately. This particular crematorium had been in the same family since 1947. I liked that. Craig brought a cart to my car with a soft doggie blanket and laid Karma on top. I cried my entire way home from the crematorium while talking to Karma's spirit. I thanked her for all the wonderful and amazing adventures we had and all the gifts she had given me. I knew that over time, even more, would come to light. While telling her how grateful I was, I exhaled. In the next moment, a whoosh of energy and light went out through the roof of the car like a rocket ship and I knew she was gone.

Animals are more than pets for those who love them like family. Karma traveled with me, and watched my every move. If I went outside, so did she. If I changed my clothes from my nightgown into jeans she noticed. If I packed a suitcase she wanted to go. Karma helped me heal my broken heart from the trauma I have experienced. She was instrumental in allowing me to open my heart completely. A new chapter for both Karma and I has begun. After her spirit left I was shown who she was without her animal body. In her next life, her spirit will be in human form. I am in awe that I was instrumental in allowing her incarnation into the next life.

5 Things Pets Can Do To Bring You Happiness

Sunday, March 25, 2018

How To See The Silver Lining In Rejection

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Come back! I just wanted coffee with you!

No one wants to be rejected. Most likely every one of us has experienced the abandonment of rejection at some point, whether it is by a co-worker who didn’t want to have lunch with us or a person who refuses to date us. Rejection doesn’t feel good. We can become very upset and wonder what is wrong with us? Yet rejection need not be about us. 

We don't have to take rejection personally.

The truth is that rejection doesn’t need to have such a negative connotation. In fact, rejection just might be the best thing that ever happened. Perhaps there is someone waiting for us around the corner that is far better suited to us than the person who rejected us.

The possibilities are endless. We need to look at rejection very differently. Perhaps the reason the person didn’t want to have lunch with us had previous plans, or maybe they didn’t feel well. We don’t know all the possibilities, so why should we make it about us, when it isn’t. In this video, I examine the flip side of rejection that can make us recognize that rejection could be the greatest thing that ever happened.

Visit Jennifer's website: JenniferElizabethMasters.com

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Have You Thanked Your Father Today

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Each of us has one thing in common, well maybe two, or three... we all have fathers to thank for being here today.

Whether your father was present, or not, the 50% of the blood that runs through your veins is from our fathers. Our genetic traits, part of our personality and the beliefs we hold have a significant impact on our daily life because of our fathers. 

Resolving conflict with our parents is paramount to happiness. Forgiving our fathers for anything we perceive was done or not given to us is the foundation for healing. 

Our fathers imprint their beliefs, traits, and qualities upon us. If our father was skeptical, maybe you are too. If our father was a gardener, perhaps you learned at his knee. If you father was a hard worker you may have followed in his footsteps. 

Women often attract men who in some way resemble their fathers. Men may unconsciously emulate their fathers with their work ethic, parenting skills or beliefs.

How To Manifest Love And Abundance

The Universe is infinite and so are YOU!

  1. I love me!
  2. I am wonderful!
  3. I am dynamic!
  4. I am safe.
  5. I am secure.
  6. I am wealthy.
  7. I am prosperous.
  8. I am beautiful.
  9. I am grateful for my health.
  10. I am so happy and grateful for the abundance in my life.
  11. The Universe is expanded.
  12. I am expanded.
  13. The Universe is unlimited.
  14. I am unlimited.
  15. I focus on what I desire.
Pick one thing. Get totally clear on what it is you want. Get up and dance. Feel happy and alive. Focus on that one thing. Imagine how it would feel to have it in your life right now! Envision what it would be like right now to have it. 

Start acting as if you already have it. Thank you for this wonderful abundance! Thank you for the love in my life.

You have the power. You are the gift and the receiver. 

Ready to break the mold? Ready to get out of your way and create the life of your dreams? Are you ready to commit to you? If you haven't done it on your own, you probably won't get there continuing to do things the same way expecting the results to be different. Set up your discovery session with Jennifer right now! Go to her website and book your FREE discovery session NOW!

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Want To Hear Jennifer Live And Get A Free Healing?

Wondrous events happen when we believe they will. For over five years I prayed and asked to be a presenter on You Wealth Revolution with Darius Barazandeh the founder and creator the global healing Telesummit. A miraculous shift occurred and I was invited within two hours of my realization!

What did it take?

I had to shift the way I felt about being a guest presenter on the Telesummit. As soon as I began to be grateful for Darius and the work he was doing to shift people's lives, creating healing for thousands of people around the world BOOM! I was invited to be a guest within two hours of the change in my perspective.

Why We Don't Want To Be In Self-Pity

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As a manifestor, I know that we have to be grateful before we receive our good. If we are living in self-pity nothing good ever happens. We have to recognize that we are creating in every moment. We can't afford to feel sorry for ourselves, not for one second! 

Darius and Jan Carpenter invited me to be on this amazing Global Healing Telesummit on March 14th at 1:00 PM PST/ 4:00 PM EST. 

Darius will spend 90 minutes interviewing me and yes, I will share some stories about mystical experiences and the magical work that is happening for my clients. 

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Looking For Love in All The Wrong Places

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Back in 2009, I was on a dating site Chemistry.com. I hadn't dated in a while and thought, I needed to get back out there and find someone. I did talk to several people and finally decided to meet a guy. Perhaps my story will spark something within you that you can relate to. I've changed his name to Jason to protect his identity.

Jason's profile picture was two photos. One photo was taken too far away so you couldn't see his face with his arm around his cattle dog with a mountain bike, sunglasses, hat and a helmet. The other was of him with a group of people wearing sunglasses and a hat. In both photos, he was hiding something but I ignored the red flags. I went for it anyway. I wanted a relationship. 

Our first date was pleasant. I did most of the talking. Little did I know that what began would also end our relationship. He didn't talk to me. I thought he was shy.

He lived in an RV. Though this was a huge red flag, I ignored this one also. I explained the reasons away that he might not want a house and commitment. My friend Diana remarked, "What's the deal with you and guys with RVs? My Twin Flame John Armbruster also lived in an RV. Red flag number two.

He loved his dog. His dog was his baby. His dog could do no wrong. His dog almost ate one of my cats and he had to climb a tree to get him down. He was oblivious to any wrongdoing on his dog's part and did not take responsibility for any of it. Red flag number three. My cat began peeing in the house when he moved in with me.

I rarely drank. We went out often with his friends where he always drank, it didn't seem like too much at first. I was mesmerized by how much they loved him. Even their children loved him. It seemed I would have a newfound family. He spent much of his time riding motorcycles, mountain and street cycling with his buddies on the weekends. I didn't think this was a bad thing till much later. Red flag number four.

I had a busy life with my landscaping business and my daughter. From day one, she thought he looked like a monster and didn't like him. She kept asking me was he gay? Red flag number five.

I ignored my daughter, what did she know as she was only about thirteen at the time?

He had redeeming qualities that I focused on rather than the negative. He helped chop wood. He put in a wood stove to save on my heating bills. My next door neighbor (an alcoholic) loved him and told me I needed to keep this guy. I wondered why he loved him so much. It wasn't until much later when I recognized he was an alcoholic that birds of a feather attract each other. My father was a drinker. I didn't recognize that I was looking for my father in him.

When an issue came up about my work, he said he was okay with what I did (he lied). He was raised a Baptist. I knew that people with strong religious leanings didn't work well with my energy work and hypnotherapy. I ignored that too. My mother mentioned she thought that he didn't like my profession - the healing part. Red flag number six.

I enjoyed having someone to do things with. I enjoyed his friends and their families. I put aside my feelings and misgivings because I wanted a relationship. I gave away my power to have someone in my life. He didn't want to talk about problems as they came up, it was always the wrong time. Red flag number seven.

Six months in he asked me to marry him. I felt it was too soon. I felt he was pressuring me. I felt he was hiding something but I wasn't sure what it was. My neighbor said I should keep him. I listened to other people, rather than to my inner guidance and my daughter. Red flag number eight (not listening to my inner voice gave away my power. I didn't tell him about my fears of him hiding something. I didn't tell him I felt there was something he wasn't telling me.)

My sons met him and liked him. We had family dinners together. It felt nice. As we prepared for our wedding he asked, "You don't want a ring, do you?" Red flag number eight. If a guy doesn't give you an engagement ring he doesn't value you. I hawked my jewelry to buy our wedding rings. Red flag number nine. We shouldn't be getting married if there is no money for wedding rings. I wasn't important enough for him to spend money on me. He spent it on his bikes, trips, and travel, but not on me. 

As our wedding date neared I noticed beer bottles hidden in the barn. He was drinking more frequently. If we ran out of beer one day he would bring home a case the next. There was never a time there wasn't beer in the house. Before I met Jason, I could go an entire year and not drink a single beer or glass of wine. 

My daughter continued to ask, "Isn't he gay?" I couldn't understand her query as we were having sex when we were together. I didn't put two and two together when I recognized his preference for oral with his eyes always closed but never on me. Sex was always from behind, no matter what I wanted.

Tension was building and we began to argue. I thought it was because of the pressure of the wedding preparations. He didn't like anything I liked. I should have called off the wedding, but I didn't. We were less than two weeks away, my mother had bought her plane ticket. My kids were excited for me. I liked being partnered. 

All relationships have issues. It two people can't talk about the problems as they come up there is no resolution. 

When the time came for us to take our ski vacation he let me know there wasn't enough money for me to go. We didn't have sex before he left and he was distant and shut down when he returned. Sex stopped happening which he said was because my daughter had moved in with us full time. Previously, she had been with us every other week. 

At six 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Your Past Doesn't Define You